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Procedure NGO Registration W B

The West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 is the West Bengal Act XXVI of 1961. West Bengal is a state in India. The said Act was passed by the West Bengal Legislature. It was an act to provide for the registration of societies or NGOs whose head office had to be situated in the state of West Bengal. Before this act, the societies in West Bengal were registered under the Societies Registration Act. The act is accompanied by the West Bengal Societies Registration Rules, 1963.

Any seven or morc individuals associated lor any of lhc objects men~ioncdin sub-sccrion (2), may subscribe their names ro a mcmomndum of associarion and file il along with a copy olthr regulations wilh he Registrar for regisrrarion of the associauon as a society under this Act.
(2) The objects referred to ,in sub-seclion (1 ) may relale to the promolion of literalure, arts, science or religion; any charilable purpose including the care or relief of orphans, or of aged, sick, helpless or indigenr pcrsons; thc allcvialion of the sufferings or animals; hc diffusion of knowlcdgc; thc disscmination of social, polilical or cconornic cducation; the cstablishmcnt and mainrenancc of libraries or rcading rooms for [he mernbcrs or ror thc public; the colIccLion and prcscrvalion of manuscripts, paintings, sculpturcs, works of art, anliquirics, natural hislory spccimcns, mechanical and scienrific inslrumenrs and designs; any other objecl as may be nolified by the Stale Govcrnmcn~asbeing beneficial lo the public or to o sec~ionof he public.

NGO Fundraisers is a Private Limited company, incorporated under the India Companies Act, 1956. It is a company that is headquartered in Bangalore. NGO Fundraisers has been constantly trying newer and more innovative methods of raising funds for the deserving organizations that it works with.

Through an ingenious approach devised by the founder Mr. V. Sridhar, NGO Fundraisers has been able to effectively tap into the segment of ‘Individual Philanthropy’ very effectively. There are mnay people who wish to contribute, modest sums of money for a good cause, but are unaware on which agency they must approach for the same purpose. Most importantly, these individuals may not have the time or the inclination to go in search of such agencies. By reaching them directly, this problem is eliminated and hence, the philanthropy of these individuals can be passed onto the organizations that have a requirement for the same.

India is a country of a 100 Crore people. Of this 100 Crore, even if half a percent of these individuals were to contribute an amount equivalent to Rs 2000/- per annum, imagine the amount of funds that can be raised for the needy in this country. It is this kind of a phenomenon that NGO Fundraisers plans to unleash and utilize for the good of people in this country.

NGO Registration
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