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Trust Registration Process

In the State of Maharashtra, the legislation governing Public Trust is Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. Similar legislation by the same name prevails in the State of Gujarat also. This is because, the Act was passed when Maharashtra and Gujarat were one. Gujarat State after its separation has made certain variations according to their requirements. But more or less both the states have similar provisions. Under the BPT Act, the Charity Commissioner is the guardian of the trusts. The office of the Charity Commissioner has been given the powers of supervision, regulation and control of public trusts. It is compulsory for every public trust to register with the charity Commissioner so as to ensure proper administration and Management.
Sec. 2(13): Public Trust : means an express or constructive Trust for either public or charitable purpose or both and includes a temple, a math, a wakf, church, synagogue, agiary or any other religious or charitable endowment and a society formed either for religious or charitable purpose or both and registered under the Societies Registration.
A trust can either be a private trust or a public charitable trust. Private trusts are governed by the Indian Trusts Act (1882) and are used for private purposes, such as running a private estate or institution. Privates trusts are not given any tax benefits.
If you want to do some charitable work for public –you can set up a public charitable trust. India does not have a national level law to govern charitable trusts. However, some of the states have enacted Public Charitable Trusts Act (Like Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950)

Name and address of the Settler (Settler is the person who is setting up trust)

(i) Apply to Asst./Deputy Charity Commissioner of the region in Schedule II (prescribed form) affix court fees stamp of Rs. 100.
(ii) Application to be made within 3 months of creation of the trust.
(iii) Documents to be submitted at the time of registration
(a) covering letter
(b) Schedule II (the signatory to the application to affirm & subscribe before appropriate authority)
(c) trust deed certified copy/memorandum of association and rules & regulations (in case of society)
(d) affidavit in prescribed format.
(e) consent letter signed by the remaining trustees and stating that they hereby allow the applicant trustee to represent on their behalf and complete all registration formalities and obtain the certificate of registration.
(f) prescribed application fees based on value of the property.

NGO Registration
12A & 80G