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The payment deposited in our following ICIC Bank Accounts and intimation given us our phone, SMS, email:-

Ac Name : Aditya Consultancy
Bank’s Name : ICICI Bank
Account No. : 186705500528
A/C Type : Current A/C
Branch : Nandanwan, Nagpur
IFSC Code : ICIC0001867

(Payment should be made by CASH / DD / Cheque in favour of Aditya Consultancy Payable at NAGPUR)

NGO Registration Online

Registring NGO online is same as register offline. Only thing online registration do is eliminate contact with physical office and Govt. babu. Rest all process is same.

Following table shows the Fees Payable under the Principal Act or State Amendments or Independent Acts of States for Registration of a Society.

State Fee Nature of Fee Reference 
Bihar Rs 10/- Registration fee Rule 3 Bihar Rules 
J & K Rs 50/- or smaller amount -do - Sec. 4 (2) J & K Act 
M.P Rs 50/- -do- Rule 4 MP Rules 
Maharashtra Rs 50/- Registration fee Rule 5 of Maharashtra Rules 
Telangana Area Not to 
exceed Rs 50/- -do- Sec. 4 Telangana Area Act 
West Bengal Rs 50/- or 
smaller amount -do- Sec. 7 (2) W.B. Act 
-do- Rs 25/- Upon filing memo of appeal Rule 14 W.B. Rules 
-do- Rs 10/- Upon alteration of 
Memorandum of Regulations 
-do- Rs 5/- Filing of annual return -do- 
-do- Rs 0.75/- For certified copy 
for every hundred or extract of any document
words or fraction - -do- 
-do- Rs 5/- For duplicate 
copy of Regn, Certificate 
Registration Fee -do- 
UP Rs 100/- Registration fee Sec 3 (1) UP (Amendment) 
Act Gazette 
-do- Rs 5/- Regn. Fee for 
mandal Dals Yuvak Gazette Notfn. dt. 15 1978 
-do- Rs 25/- Renewal of Regn. Certificate Fee Sec. 3 (2) (a) UP 
(Amendment) Act 

Registration Certificate
On receiving the documents mentioned above the Registrar shall satisfy himself about the compliance of the provisions of the Act and correctness in his hand that the society is registered under the Principal Act 1860 or other corresponding Acts.

Presumption of Registration
Presumption that the society was duly registered under the Act arises not on the Certificate of Registration granted by the Registrar but on the copies of the Rules and Regulations and Memorandum certified under Sec. 19 which constitutes them prima facie evidence of the matters therein contained.

NGO Registration
12A & 80G