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The payment deposited in our following ICIC Bank Accounts and intimation given us our phone, SMS, email:-

Ac Name : Aditya Consultancy
Bank’s Name : ICICI Bank
Account No. : 186705500528
A/C Type : Current A/C
Branch : Nandanwan, Nagpur
IFSC Code : ICIC0001867

(Payment should be made by CASH / DD / Cheque in favour of Aditya Consultancy Payable at NAGPUR)

NGO Registration Verify

6.(1) No society all be registered by a name which contravenes the provisions of the Emblems and names (prevention of the Improper use) Act, 1950.

3. (1) Any seven or more persons forming a society which has for its object the promotion of art, fine art, charity, crafts, religion, sports (excluding games of chance) , literature, culture, science , political education, philosophy or diffusion of any knowledge or any public purpose may be registered under this Act.
(2) No society of which a firm, whether registered or not or an unincorporated association of individuals is a member shall be registered under this Act. Central Act 9 of 1932
(3) Nothing contained in Sub-Section (2) shall precluded the registration under this Act of a Society on the ground that a partner as defined in section 4 of the Indian Partner ship Act, 1932, or a member of an unincorporated Association of individuals is, in his individual capacity, a member of the society.
(4) (1) for the purposes of registration of a society there shall be filed with the Registrar of the district in which the registered office of the society is to be situated :-
(a) a memorandum of association of the society which shall state:-
(i) the name of the society;
(ii) the aims and objects of the society;
(iii) the names, and occupations of the members of the committee; and
(b) the bye-laws of the society.
(5) The bye- laws of a society shall contain provisions in respect of following matters:-
(i) Identity of the society which includes name and address particulars of the society;
(ii) activities of the society;
(iii) membership of the society i.e. eligibility, admission, withdrawal and termination etc.,
(iv) general body which contains the manner of meetings to be held or convened, quorum, functions and responsibilities etc.
(v) office bearers and their appointment/ election/ removal/recall and their responsibilities etc ;
(vi) finances which includes types of funds to be raised, appointment of auditors, liability of members for discharge of debts etc., and
(vii) other matters which covers the internal matters of settlement of internal disputes, dissolution of the society etc;

NGO Registration
12A & 80G