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NGO Registration Details

NGO: Ngo Registration
NGO may be defined as as association having a definite cultural, educational, economical, religious or social association organization. They are not owned by any one and cannot distribute profits as such. Whatever profits they may earn from economic activities are reinvested or spent on appropriate non profit activities. The typical sources of revenue or nongovernmental organizations are donations, membership fees, interest and dividends on investments.
The NGOs can be registered under any of the following Acts:-

  1. Indian Trust Act, 1882
  2. Societies Registration Act, 1860
  3. Companies Act, 1956, u/s 25.
  4. Charitable and Religious Trusts Act, 1920.
  5. Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925
  6. Trustees and Mortgagees Powers Act, 1866.
  7. Wakf Act, 1995
  8. Indian Trustees Act, 1866
  9. Religious Endowment Act, 1863.

35 I (ii) & 35 I (iii): Ngo Registration
Any scientific research association / organization which has its objects, carrying out the scientific research or social science research or social science research can be approved under section 35 I(ii) and 35I(iii) in accordance with the guidelines and other conditions as may be notified in the official gazette of the central government. The donor will receive 175% weighted deduction on the donated amount as per amendment by the Finance Act 2010.
Application:- The application for approval under section 35 1 (ii) / 35 1 (iii) of IT Act 1961 may be submitted to the CIT/ DIT- IT of the jurisdiction of the assessed association along with following information in prescribed form.

  1. List of assets / facilities owned used for scientific research / Social science research by the applicant,
  2. Details of past research projects undertaken by the applicant, such as research projects completed/ underway/ any publication of research projects,
  3. Past research activities such as whether any new product/process developed, approved, any product of import substitution,
  4. Patents filed and details of the filing,
  5. Whether any commercialization carried out of any such product/ process,
  6. Earnings from such patents etc.
  7. Details of conferences/ seminars etc. held
  8. Proposed research project to be undertaken,
  9. List of the donors and amount received as donations,
  10. Amount utilized in such research activities,

List of Funding Agencies : Ngo Registration
Government Of India Funding Agencies

  1. Ministry of Human Resource Development
  2. Department of Women & Child Development
  3. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
  4. Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources
  5. Ministry of Textiles
  6. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  7. Ministry of Environment & Forest
  8. Ministry of Rural Development
  9. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment
  10. Ministry of Tourism and Culture
  11. Ministry of Food Processing Industries
  12. Ministry Road Safety & Highways
  13. Ministry of Agriculture & Horticulture
  14. Ministry of Science & Technology
  15. Ministry Tribal Affairs
  16. Ministry of Labour
  17. National Trust
  18. Central Social Welfare Board.

Foreign Funding Agencies

  1. British High Commission
  2. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  3. Oxfam
  4. Ford Foundation
  6. Infinity Foundation
  7. BORDA( Germany )
  8. Canadian High Commission
  9. New Zealand High Commission
  10. Findhorn Foundation
  11. GIFRID( Israel )
  12. European Commission(EC)
  13. UNESCO
  14. AUSAID
  15. Japanese Embassy

Amendment: Ngo Registration

A society after its registration may be required to change its name or to alter, abridge or amend its objects and/or rules and regulations. The procedure for alteration, amendment or abridgement of the objects clause is prescribed in Section 12 of the principal Act, it is systematic and all the steps stated in these provisions should be adopted serial wise.
For certification of Governing Body list or alteration in the name/address/objectives/rules and regulation of the society following documents are needed.

  1. Membership Register.
  2. Valid proceedings (notice duly received by all the members and minutes signed by the quorum) for addition and deletion for members over the years for holding elections as per the rules of a society, over the years
  3. No dispute affidavit by the President or Secretary of the society
  4. Up to date annual list of Governing Body (year-wise) in terms of section 4 of the Act,
  5. Comparative statement of amendments i.e. existing and proposed.
  6. Two complete sets of amended MOA /RR duly signed by members.
  7. Valid proceedings (notice duly received by all the members and the minutes signed by the quorum) for governing body meeting vide which the resolution for amendments to the existing provision was recommended.
  8. Valid proceedings (notice duly received by all the members and the minutes signed by the quorum) for special meeting of General body in which the resolution for amendment was adopted/considered.
  9. Valid proceedings (notice duly received by all the members and the minutes signed by the quorum) for second special meeting of General body in which the resolution for amendment was confirmed by 3/5th of the members present.
  10. No objection certificate with ownership proof. (in case of change of address)

Website Designing: Ngo Registration
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NGO Registration
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