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Housing Society Registration

Documents required for Cooperative Housing Society Registration
Documents to be handed over to a cooperative housing society on being registered.
•A list of sold and unsold flats, shops, garages with the area and value of each.
•Bank Balance Certificate
•Building Occupation Certificate.
•A Certificate regarding clear and marketable Title of the Property from a Solicitor / Advocate of good standing. Stat
•Correspondence regarding Municipal Assessment of the Property by the Municipal taxes, that includes fixation of Ratable Value papers.
•Detailed Statement of Accounts of:
a) The amount collected from the Promoters by the Builder from time to time.
b) Payment made by the Builder/Promoter from time to time with detailed Vouchers for the payments made along with proper Receipts.
c) The amountheld by the Builder/Promoter in cash and in bank.
d) Expenses proposed to be incurred till Registration of the Society.
e) Deposits made with Municipal Corporation, BEST/BSES and such other Government Authorities regarding non-agricultural tax.
•Correspondance with the Electric Company regarding electric connections, able, etc. expenses and entries thereof-
•Sanctioned Municipal Plan of the Society Building with amendments, if any.
•I.O.D. for the same issued earlier.
•Detailed analysis and break-up from Local Ward Office regarding fixation of Rateable Value and details about each flat/shop/garage pertaining to area, rateable value and how to arrive at the final assessment.
•List of items to be carried out as per the sanctioned plan, for example, construction of compound wall with the adjoining plot etc.  
Service Tax registration for Housing Societies
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The Procedure for Service Tax Registration for a Housing Society or Apartment Owners’ Association is as follows.
1. Application ST-1 needs to be filled. Can be downloaded here:
2. The Application is to be signed by the authorized signatory of the Society/Association – typically the President or Secretary.
3. Following documents to accompany the Application.
a) Self-certified copy of the PAN of the Society/Association.
b) Copy of Bye-Laws.
c) Copy of Resolution passed in GBM (reg. ST registration)
d) Brief Write-Up of the Services provided
e) Registration Certificate of the Society/Association
f) In case the President/Secretary herself is not filing the Application, power of attorney to be given to the Agent.

Acknowledgement is obtained after filing of the Application. The Registration Certificate typically comes in 7 days.

One may take the guidance of a Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant or relevant Agent to perform the Registration.

NGO Registration
12A & 80G