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NGO Registration Tamilnadu

(Regulated by the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975) Amended as on 08th June, 2011

The Name of the Society :

All India Chess Federation shortly called as “AICF”. The word Federation shall not be used in their name by any State Association or Unit.

  1. The Address of the Registered Society:

Hall No.70 Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Primate, Chennai 600 003.

  1. The formation of the Society:

All India Chess Federation was formed on 12th December 1958 and registered as a Society under Societies Registration act 1860 bearing Regn. No.125 of 1958 with the Registrar of Assurances, Madras - Chingleput. As per Section 53 of Act 27 of 1975, the Society is now Regulated by the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975.

4. The Society is within the Jurisdiction of Registrar of Society:
The Society is now functioning under the jurisdiction of the Registrar of societies Chennai Central”. The Jurisdiction shall be as decided by Registration Department, Government of Tamilnadu” from time to time.

5. The business hours of the Society :
Between 10.30 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. on all Working days except Sundays and Government holidays.

  1. The objects of the Society:

The objects of All India Chess Federation shall be –

(a) To promote the game of Chess to inculcate a sense of discipline amongst the players, to increase their proficiency, to foster brotherhood among the players and to promote a chess culture.

(b) To maintain general control over the chess activities in India in accordance with this Constitution and the Rules and Regulations of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) in force from time to time.

(c) To promote formation of Organizations to promote the game of Chess within the jurisdiction of the Federation.

(d) To act as the Apex Body of the affiliated Members and to coordinate their activities and organize and cause to organize

National and International Championships, Technical Conferences And Coaching Camps.

(e) To receive and spend funds to promote the game of Chess in Accordance with the Bye Laws of the Federation.

(f) To select the teams to represent India and to promote, control and if necessary, finance the visits by such teams, players and Officials.

(g) To promote, control and if necessary, finance the visits of Foreign teams or coaches or individual players to India.

(h) To prepare and maintain a National Rank List of players.

(i) To seek affiliation with other National and International Organizations, if necessary; and

(j) To generally do such other acts and things as may be necessary or Conducive for achieving the objects of the Federation.

(k) The activities would be confined to the territory of India.
(l) The activities would be purely charitable in nature and not
Motivated for profit.

(m) The benefit of objects would be available to the general public Irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex.

  1. Definitions and Explanations:
  1. Affiliated Members :

The affiliated members of AICF are the State Chess Associations functioning in the States/Union Territories of India duly recognized and Affiliated to AICF as per the Bye Laws.

(b) Association :
Shall mean the State Association which is affiliated to the Federation.

(c) Championship:
State, National and International, Chess Championship for any Category or Age Group recognized by AICF and FIDE.

(d) Federation :
Federation shall mean in so far as the game of Chess in India is concerned All India Chess Federation.

(e) Flag :
The Flag of the Federation is Tricolor Orange on top, White in middle and Green at Bottom with the logo in center.

(f) FIDE :
Federation International Des Echecs - The International Chess Federation / World Chess Federation.

(g) Financial Year :
1st of April to 31st of March of succeeding year the period in which the accounts of the registered Society are maintained and Audited as required under the Bye laws.

(h) The General Body :
The General Body of All India Chess Federation shall consist of
Office Bearers of AICF and its affiliated members.

(i) Honorary Members:
The Central Council may, by a majority of two-thirds of those present at the concerned meeting, elect as an Honorary Member any person who is interested in the game and has rendered signal services to it.

(j) Institution Member:
Shall mean the Sports bodies of the Statutory bodies functioning in the whole of India and of the Departments of the Government of India duly recognized and affiliated to the AICF as per the Bye Laws.

(k) Life Members:
The Council may admit, on payment of the prescribed fee as per the AICF Financial Regulations in force, any person as a Life Member.

(l) Logo :
Logo of the Federation is the symbolic sign of Queen bearing “AICF”.

(m) Memorandum :
Means the Memorandum of Association of a registered society as originally framed and as amended, from time to time, in pursuance of the provisions of this Act;

(n) Player :
The Chess player duly registered with the AICF.
(o) Tournament :
Any competition, recognized by AICF or by FIDE, conducted by any affiliated Member on behalf of AICF.

(p) Patrons :
The Council may recommend any person it thinks fit to be a patron of the Federation on his donating the prescribed fee as per the AICF financial Regulations in force.

(q) Special Resolution :
A Resolution passed by a majority of not less than three fourths of the members of the Society entitled to vote as or present at a General Meeting convened specifying the intention to propose the Resolution as a Special Resolution has been duly given.

(r) Office Bearers of AICF :
The Office Bearers of the Federation shall mean,
The President,
The Vice Presidents,
The Secretary,
The Treasurer,
The Joint Secretaries.
All these posts are Honorary without any salary or honorarium.

(s) Official of AICF :
Shall mean Coach, Instructor, Manager, Arbiter or functionaries
recognized by AICF.

8. Members of the General Body:
The General Body of the All India Chess Federation shall consist of :
(i) All Office bearers of the AICF.
(ii) Two Representatives nominated by the State Associations affiliated as Members of the AICF.
(iii) One Representative nominated by Institutional Members affiliated with AICF.
(iv) Life Members, Patrons and Honorary Members.
(v). National Men Premier Chess Championship Winner & Runner and National Women Premier Chess Championship Winner & Runner.
Category (iii) and (iv) shall have no voting rights in the General Body.

9. Powers and duties of the General Body :
(a) To elect the office-bearers of the Federation;
(b) To appoint Auditors and fix their remuneration;
(c) To consider and approve the Annual Report;
(d) To consider and approve the audited statement of accounts and the Budget;
(e) To acquire, hold, control, administer and dispose of the property and funds of the Federation.
(f) To make and amend the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Federation as and when necessary by a two-thirds majority of the Members present and voting provided further that for amending the Constitution the quorum of the General Body shall not be less than three-fourth of the strength of General Body;
(g) To consider and decide any matter related to Chess.
(h) To take such other steps as may be necessary or expedient for carrying out the objects of the Federation.
(i) To prescribe the Annual Subscription to be paid to the Federation Central Council.
(j) To borrow funds when necessary for the purpose of the Federation;

(k) To frame Rules and Regulations for proper conduct of the Functioning and administration of All India Chess Federation and its Affiliated Members.
(l) To grant affiliation to State Associations and Institutions.
(m) To disaffiliate State Associations and Institutional members from the Federation.
(n) To take disciplinary action against its members, the office bearers, officials and players recognized by the federation or of any recognized Members.
(o) To exercise all or any of the powers of the Central Council and to amend or annul its decisions.

NGO Registration
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