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Trust Registration Format

Like other forms of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) the Charitable Trust is also an independent legal entity. In the Generally trustees and settlors are not personally liable for the Charitable Trust's acts. However they are liable in their respective official capacity. The Charitable Trust is mainly a transfer of property deed for charitable purposes in favor of mentioned beneficiaries. There are many famous Charitable Trust in India such as Press Trust of India (PTI) etc.
Requirements for the Charitable Trust
At least one person Settlor (One who is forming the trust)
At least one person as Trustee ( Settlor and Trustee may be same person)
At least one person as witness
Some property to form trust (Generally Rs.1000.00)
Documents we need
ID Proof of Settlor, Trustee, and Witness.
Water bill or House tax receipt as address proof of Regd. Office of Trust
Charitable Trust Deed on stamp paper*.
Signed Authority Letter ( Download It from Here)
*We will draft these for you.
A public charitable trust is usually recommended when there is some property involved, especially in terms of land and building. We provide a “free” basic profile with every registration we do.
Charitable Trust Deed :
It is the main instrument of any public charitable trust, wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the trust) should be enshrined. In every trust deed, the minimum and maximum number of trustees has to be specified. The trust deed should clearly spell out the aims and objects of the trust, how the trust should be managed, how other trustees may be appointed or removed, etc. The trust deed should be signed by both the Settlor/s and trustee/s in the presence of two witnesses.
Registration of Charitable Trust Deed:
The Charitable Trust deed should be executed on non-judicial stamp paper, the value of which would depend on the valuation of the Charitable Trust property.
The application for registration should be made to the official having jurisdiction over the region in which the trust is sought to be registered.
For registration of 'Charitable Trust Deed' the Settlor, Trustee and at least one witness must be physically present at concerned Registrar's Office.
Service  Service Fee Expenses Completion Time Order
Charitable Trust Rs. 8,500.00
 Estimated Stamp Fee
 10-20 Days 
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