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The payment deposited in our following ICIC Bank Accounts and intimation given us our phone, SMS, email:-

Ac Name : Aditya Consultancy
Bank’s Name : ICICI Bank
Account No. : 186705500528
A/C Type : Current A/C
Branch : Nandanwan, Nagpur
IFSC Code : ICIC0001867

(Payment should be made by CASH / DD / Cheque in favour of Aditya Consultancy Payable at NAGPUR)

Duties of trustee

Trustee to protect title to trust-property.-A trustee is bound to maintain and defend all such suits, and (subject to the provisions of the instrument of trust) to take such other steps as, regard being had to the nature and amount or value of the trustproperty, may be reasonably requisite for the preservation of the trust-property and the assertion or protection of the title thereto.
Trustee not to set up title adverse to beneficiary.-The trustee must not for himself or another set up or aid any title to the trust-property adverse to the interest of the beneficiary. Care required from trustee.-A trustee is bound to deal with the trust-property as carefully as a man of ordinary prudence would deal with such property if it were his own; and, in the absence of a,contract to the contrary, a trustee so dealing is not responsible for the loss, destruction or deterioration of the trust-property.
Trustee to be impartial.-Where there are more beneficiaries than one, the trustee is bound to be impartial, and must not execute the trust for the advantage of one at the expense of another. Where the trustee has a discretionary power, nothing in this section shall be deemed to authorize the Court to control the exercise reasonably and in good faith of such discretion.
Trustee to prevent waste.-Where the trust is created for the benefit of several persons in succession and one of them is in possession of the trust-property, if he commits, or threatens to commit, any act which is destructive or permanently injurious thereto, the trustee is bound to take measuresto prevent such act.
Accounts and information.-A trustee is bound (a) to keep clear and accurate accounts of the trust-property, and (b), at all reasonable times, at the request of the beneficiary, to furnish him with full and accurate information as to the amount and state of the trust-property.

Aditya NGO Consultancy possesses the expertise in animal husbandry, dairy, poultry and fishery development and allied activities. The bankable project report of all the schemes of govt. departments, either state or online viz. Rural Development, SGSY, CAPART, STEPS, Dairy development, Agriculture and fishery etc. shall be prepare and consultancy services will be offered.

NGO Fundraisers is a Private Limited company, incorporated under the India Companies Act, 1956. It is a company that is headquartered in Bangalore. NGO Fundraisers has been constantly trying newer and more innovative methods of raising funds for the deserving organizations that it works with.

Through an ingenious approach devised by the founder Mr. V. Sridhar, NGO Fundraisers has been able to effectively tap into the segment of ‘Individual Philanthropy’ very effectively. There are mnay people who wish to contribute, modest sums of money for a good cause, but are unaware on which agency they must approach for the same purpose. Most importantly, these individuals may not have the time or the inclination to go in search of such agencies. By reaching them directly, this problem is eliminated and hence, the philanthropy of these individuals can be passed onto the organizations that have a requirement for the same.

India is a country of a 100 Crore people. Of this 100 Crore, even if half a percent of these individuals were to contribute an amount equivalent to Rs 2000/- per annum, imagine the amount of funds that can be raised for the needy in this country. It is this kind of a phenomenon that NGO Fundraisers plans to unleash and utilize for the good of people in this country.

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